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The Vinyl Council recognises that PVC products add significant benefit to society, including environmental benefit, as a function of their excellent performance, durability and affordability.

However, as with any manufactured products, there are impacts which need to be understood, characterised and addressed along the PVC product life cycle.

Our Program is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise, and progressively address, all relevant environmental, health and safety issues within responsible and deliverable timeframes. The PVC industry in Australia has demonstrated its commitment to improve and innovate its manufacturing practices and products through this stewardship program.

Click here to view highlights of the ongoing progress of the PVC Stewardship Program, including a link to the most recent annual progress report.

The Program is focused on five key themes associated with the life cycle of PVC:

Each theme includes a list of commitments which Signatories are required to fulfil. Given the varied nature of our membership, the list of commitments applicable to each company varies depending on its activity.

To view the full Commitment and Verification Guide, please click here.

Look for the logo!

Only Signatories to the PVC Stewardship Program that are compliant with at least 50% of relevant commitments are entitled to use the VCA's logos shown below, recognising their involvement and plans to meet relevant Program commitments.


Signatories identified as meeting all relevant Program commitments to their business are recognised as achieving excellence in the PVC Stewardship Program. They are entitled to use the 'Excellence' logo in the year following reporting. For example, a company that is 100% compliant based on the 2022 calendar year is entitled to use the following logo.

 LogoPVCStwshpExcell22 23

Look for either of these logos when specifying PVC products in Australia as a sign that these product suppliers are implementing sound product stewardship practices.