Upcoming Events

Short Course: Quantification of Fire Behaviour, Fire Retardancy & Fire Toxicity at Novotel Preston, Melbourne.

Dates: Monday 17th April - Thursday 20th April 2023.

The VCA have secured the services of Proffesor T Richard Hull, of the Centre for Fire & Hazard Science at the University of Central Lancashire, to present a short course on ‘The Hazards from Fire: Quantification of Fire Behaviour, Fire Retardance & Fire Toxicity” during April 2023.

The intensive 4-day course will include:

  • Introduction to Fires and Fire Science: Flames, Fire Growth, Ignition, Flame Reactions.
  • Polymer Decomposition Mechanisms and how it’s studied
  • Interpretation of Thermal Analysis and Cone calorimetry data.
  • Measurement of Flammability and interpretation of results
  • Large-Scale tests (SBI, ISO 9705, Façade tests) and interpretation of results
  • Fire Retardants: Types, Performance & Sustainability
  • Fire Hazards: Heat, Smoke, Asphyxiants and Irritants, and,
  • Lessons from Real Fires

Prof. Hull has been briefed on the treatment of combustible cladding under NCC 2022, so he may be able to assist with developing a revised PFC submission to the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). One-on-one consultation with interested businesses is also available to be held on Friday 21st April.

To find out more and register to attend, please CLICK HERE.

Past Events

High Performance uPVC Window Installation workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.
Pro Clima, in collaboration with the VCA, held two full-day High Performance uPVC Window Installation workshops in February 2023 which explored current window installation methods with an aim to discuss and demonstrate more efficient installation methods and find a uniform best-practice across the industry. To read a summary on the workshops, click here.

PVC AUS 2022: Shared Horizons on the Gold Coast, Queensland took place from 7-9 June 2022. With over 130 delegates in attendance, the conference provided a great opportunity for the industry to come together and tackle key challenges and opportunities across the sector. We can't wait to see the industry come together again for PVC AUS 2024!

CLICK HERE to view the short summary video recapping our PVC AUS 2022 'Shared Horizons' conference, or access the written media summary of the event by clicking here.