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PVC Stewardship

Our Progress

Our Program is dynamic. Its commitments are reviewed regularly to reflect the completion of targets and to include new challenges as they arise.  Since 2002, the Vinyl Council of Australia has reported regularly on the performance of the Australian vinyl industry. The information and data collected through the program has helped inform industry and stakeholders, influence product design and ensure the Australian PVC industry continues to innovate.

The program has resulted in improvements in health and environmental impacts of vinyl products in Australia through:

  • reduced emissions,
  • avoidance of mercury in upstream processes,
  • phasing out lead and cadmium additives,
  • substitution of low molecular weight phthalate plasticisers,
  • improvements in recycling and waste management, and
  • adoption of life cycle thinking in development of new products.

Stakeholder feedback, signatory reporting and expert scientific and technical research help to maintain the Program's relevance and effectiveness. The Program's latest results include:

  • A record 50 Signatory companies reported in the 2022 reporting period.
  • 20 Signatories achieved Excellence in Stewardship by achieving full compliance with all relevant commitments.
  • All Signatories, including first-time reporters, achieved at least 50% compliance with commitments relevant to their business.
  • Increasing use of PVC recyclate in the manufacturing of new products in Australia, with a 25% increase on last year's figures.

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 Below is a snapshot of the latest verified results from 2022: