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Monday, 15 June 2020 04:09

Best Practice PVC - Have your say

Launched as a product verification scheme in 2010, Best Practice PVC sets stringent criteria for manufacturing PVC products and addressing their end of first use. Best Practice PVC products, independently verified as fully compliant wit the scheme, are recognised in Green Star building rating tools, as well as other public and private procurement policies in Australia.

In this first major review of the scheme and its criteria, proposed by the Green Building Council of Australia to be conducted by the Vinyl Council, we are seeking feedback on aspects of PVC manufacturing and supply chain performance globally that may lead to updating or including new criteria to represent current 'best practice'.

We have released a Consultation Paper on potential scheme criteria and invite your input on the future direction of the scheme. Options outlined in this paper were drafted based on the proposed, revised approach of the Green Star building rating tools to building products (refer to Green Star Future Focus), the existing PVC Stewardship Program, and current trends in PVC manufacture.

In this paper we pose questions on:
•    Potential gaps in current Best Practice PVC criteria;
•    Alignment with the PVC Stewardship Program and other schemes’ criteria;
•    Possible approaches to be introduced;
•    Other issues that a future scheme might include.

We want to hear from you!

We ask that you consider the current and proposed scheme criteria and strategic options discussed and provide input by 7th July 2020. You can provide feedback by:

  1. Using this form (MS Word) and emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Through SurveyMonkey: The survey will take only 10 minutes to complete.

Your feedback will be kept confidential, and any published results will be aggregated and anonymised. Your contact information will be taken and retained solely for the purpose of reviewing and improving the Best Practice PVC scheme.

Find more information on Best Practice PVC and PVC product recognition in Green Star here.

Download the Consultation Paper and feedback form.

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Best Practice PVC Product Register


PT Asahimas BEP PVC Logo 2020

PT Asahimas


BEP PVC Certificate Expires 14 February, 2024

 FPC BEP PVC Logo 2020

Formosa Plastic Corporation

PVC Resin 9002-86-2

BEP PVC Certificate Expires 18 October, 2023



 INOVYN Logo Flat new version


BEP PVC Certificate expires October 31st, 2022



 BEP PVC RBM Logo 2021

 RBM Plastic Extrusions

 PVC Compounds:


BEP PVC Certificate Expires 24 May, 2023






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The Vinyl Council of Australia has added a new category – PVC Duct Systems – to its Best Environmental Practice PVC Product Register in response to the growth in the use of low-profile PVC ductwork systems.

The EcoDuct 300 Series is the first product in this category to carry the Vinyl Council’s Best Environmental Practice (BEP) PVC trade mark. This mark is awarded to independently assessed, Best Practice PVC-compliant products that meet stringent life cycle criteria, developed by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Incorporating up to 50% recycled PVC, the newly accredited EcoDuct is a low impact, fire retardant duct system that is specifically designed for high-rise apartment applications where limited ceiling spaces are common. It is also 100% recyclable at end of life.

The Vinyl Council’s BEP PVC Register covers a wide range of BEP-accredited construction products. PVC Duct Systems joins existing categories covering flooring, resilient wall coverings, pipes & fittings, conduit/fittings, fencing, cable and permanent formwork.

Manufacturers of products holding BEP PVC accreditation have undertaken the vigorous, third-party assessment process required to verify their minimal environmental impact. The Vinyl Council then vets the certificates and records the products, suppliers and certificate validity on an online register.

The Council’s Chief Executive, Sophi MacMillan says: “PVC is a versatile material that offers a cost-effective, durable and low maintenance solution for a wide range of construction products.

“Best Environmental Practice PVC accreditation is an established quality mark for PVC, or vinyl products that helps specifiers to choose sustainable products manufactured to the most stringent environmental criteria.

“In addition to being recognised in Green Star’s Responsible Building Materials credit, Best Practice PVC is a valuable aid for specifiers and anyone procuring PVC products; and the online register makes it simple to identify those items made to the highest sustainable standards.”

You can find out more at /in-greenstar/best-practice-pvc-product-register

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 01:04

New recycling strategy for PVC in Australia

The Vinyl Council has updated its industry strategy aimed at facilitating growth in sustainable PVC recycling practices in Australia. 

Developed through consultations with members, industry and government, and at the PVC ReSource Summit held in late 2015, the strategy will direct future actions of the Vinyl Council and the sector.

PVC - the third most commonly used polymer in Australia - is recyclable, however, results show that only low volumes of PVC wastes are recovered, largely because most PVC is used in durable products, and less in packaging (which is where most waste and recycling policies and resources are focussed).

The VCA estimates around 66,900 tonnes ofrecyclablePVC product goes to landfill each year. This is wasted material that could be reprocessed into new quality product by Australian workers and firms, improving Australian productivity, economy and the environment.

The VCA and its members are committed to advancing PVC recycling and reprocessing. The updated industry strategy aims to address barriers, to share knowledge, data and expertise and to encourage innovation of reprocessing, product design and recycling capability.

Key elements in the 2016 Strategy

There are six parts to the strategy and three especially form the foundation: 

  1. Data and information. More data and knowledge are required for effective recycling of PVC.
  2. Collaboration between willing partners to drive change. Systemic change requires partners working together, and strong PVC reprocessing capability is required in all key States.
  3. End markets, without which there is no viable recycling practice. This requires building connections between demand and supply, development of appropriate recyclate-absorbing products and encouraging substitution of virgin or other less sustainable materials.

The VCA has established successful vinyl recylcing programs including the PVC Recycling in Hospitals program which is now in place at over 60 Australian hospitlas. The VCA thanks all those who contribute to the success of PVC recycling in Australia and looks forward to working with many to achieve the actions for improved results for Australia's recycling rate, productivity and manufacturing future. 

For more detail on the Strategy contact the Vinyl Council's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Best Practice PVC Product Register


 211108 ArmstrongFlooring Updated Logo Black

 Best Practice PVC Products:

Accolade Foothold
Accolade Safe 
Armalon NG
Infinity Foothold
Infinity Safe
Medintone Diamond 10_Aus

Contact Us
Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd
PO Box 109 Braeside, VIC 3195
Tel: 03 9586 5500

Current BEP PVC verification expires
25 November 2024

Best Practice PVC Products:
Bolon Woven Flooring Collections

Contact Us
The Andrews Group Pty Ltd
62 River Street, South Yarra VIC 3141
Tel: 03 9827 1311

Current BEP PVC verification expires10 June 2022


 BEP PVC Dunlop Flooring Logo 2020

Best Practice PVC Products:

Heartridge Flooring

Smoked Oak 5mm LVT
Australian Timber 5mm LVT
Natural Oak 5mm LVT
Dryback 2.5mm LVT
Highland Oak Hybrid 7mm R
Australian Timber Hybrid 7mm R
Natural Oak Hybrid 7mm R

 Frontier Flooring

Elementary 2mm LVT
Elementary Tile 2mm LVT
District Vinyl 2mm LVT
Urban Hybrid 5mm RP
District Hybrid 5mm RP
Altitude Hybrid 6mm RP

 Dunlop Flooring

2mm LVT
5mm LVT
2.5mm LVT
5mm Hybrid 5mm RP
6mm Hybrid 6mm RP
7mm Hybrid 7mm RP

Contact Us
Dunlop Flooring
183-187 Newton Road
Wetherill Park, NSW 2164
Tel: 1800 622 293

Current BEP PVC verification expires 26 January 2023

 BEP PVC Forbo Flooring Logo 2021

Best Practice PVC Products:
CoForbo Sphere Homogenous Vinyl

Contact Us

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia
23 Ormsby Place
Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Tel: 02 9828 0200

Current BEP PVC verification expires 15 Sept 2022

 BEP PVC Gerflor Logo 2020

Best Practice PVC Products:
Taralay Premium Compact & Premium Comfort
Mipolam Affinity

Contact Us

Gerflor Australasia
17 Cato Street
Hawthorn East Vic 3123

Tel: 1800 060 785

Current Taralay BEP PVC verification expires 27 February 2022
Current Mipolam BEP PVC verification expires 21 June  2022



Best Practice PVC Products:
Pearlazzo PUR
Prestige PUR
Mystique PUR
Classic Mystique PUR
2000 PUR
Standard XL
Polyflex Plus PU
Polyflor SD
Polyflor EC
Polyclad PU
Polyclad Plus PU
Polyclad Pro PU
Palettone PUR
Palettone SD

Contact Us
101 Prosperity Way
Dandenong South VIC 3175
Tel: 1800 777 425

Current BEP PVC verification expires 20 April 2024


 tretford bw line beside small

Best Practice PVC Products:

Tretford Roll
Tretford Interlife
Tretford Tile

Contact Us
Gibbon Group
14 Moonbi Street Brendale QLD 4500
Tel: 1300 245 404

Current BEP PVC verification expires 16 April 2022.




Best Practice PVC Products:
Knight Tile LVT
Michelangelo LVT
Opus LVT
Da Vinci LVT
Art Select LVT
Van Gogh LVT
Looselay Longboard
Looselay Plank and Tile
Heavy Duty Commercial Plank

Contact Us
Karndean Designflooring
835 Stud Road, Knoxfield VIC 3180
Tel: 03 9755 4909

Current BEP PVC verification for these products expires 22 December 2019



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Best Practice PVC Product Register

The Vinyl Council's Best Environmental Practice (BEP) PVC trade mark is awarded to BEP compliant PVC products upon application by any manufacturers or suppliers in accordance with our License Terms and Conditions. Applicants must provide evidence of the independent assessment of compliance with the PVC Best Practice Guidelines in accordance with the Verification Assessment Guideance document for Best Practice PVC. 

Upon receipt of evidence of compliance, the products are recorded in the following Register by product category and the BEP PVC licence mark issued to the applicant. The BEP PVC mark signifies the products have been found by independent auditors to be fully compliant with the PVC Best Practice Guidelines.

Our BEP scheme is recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia in the Responsible Products Framework in its Green Star - Buildings tool. The Framework outlines criteria for scoring how 'responsible' a product is and recognises certain initiatives that a product or manufacturer can comply with – like BEP – for the purposes of contributing to a building's Green Star certification. Regardless of other accreditations they may have, all PVC products will need to demonstrate BEP accreditation for building projects to earn points towards their Green Star certification.

In order for PVC products to be recognised under the Framework, the following pathways will apply:

  • For all PVC products used, the manufacturing of the PVC product must comply with the Best Practice PVC Guidelines. This is imposed by GBCA as an "Additional Requirement". (There are Additional Requirements for timber, paints, adhesives, sealants and engineered wood products.)
  • For Responsible Structure compliance: the credit is achieved where a specified PVC product has BEP plus Climate Active Carbon Neutral for Products & Services, or GGT GreenRate Level A.
  • For Responsible Envelope compliance: the credit is achieved where a specified PVC product has BEP plus Climate Active Carbon Neutral for Products & Services, or GGT GreenRate Level A.
  • For Responsible Systems compliance: the credit is achieved where a specified PVC product has BEP plus Climate Active Carbon Neutral for Products & Services, or a Product Specific or Industry Sector EPD, or GGT GreenRate Level A or GECA Carpets.
  • For Responsible Finishes compliance: the credit is achieved where a PVC product has BEP plus Climate Active Carbon Neutral for Products & Services, or a Product Specific or Industry Sector EPD, or GGT GreenRate Level A or GECA Carpets or Floor Coverings. In this category, BEP plus Climate Active Carbon Neutral for Products & Services would be considered 'Exceptional Performance'.

Best Practice PVC Register

Source BEP-accredited PVC products on our register below:

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