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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 05:35

Supporting the delivery of essential services during COVID 19 restrictions

The PVC industry in Australia is crucial to the delivery of several essential services in the Australian economy.

Approximately three quarters of the local PVC industry is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of products for essential utility services including potable water, stormwater management and sewer services, energy and telecommunications delivery, plastics recycling and key construction products for major projects such as healthcare facilities.

Others in the sector produce essential processing chemicals and compounds, specialist food packaging and vital medical products, manufactured here in Australia.

The local industry directly employs over 2,500 people and contributes well over $3 billion to the national economy.  PVC products contribute to virtually every sector of the economy and it is vital that the industry remains operational through this Covid19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, the safety and well-being of the industry's employees and customers is paramount. Members of the Vinyl Council of Australia are implementing appropriate measures to protect their workers, contractors and customers from risk of exposure at their work places, and will continue to ensure the safety of their operations.