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Vinyl flooring in Hospitals

Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals | Vinyl in Healthcare

Why vinyl is the right choice for hospital flooring
PVC, or vinyl, is increasingly found in hospital interiors all around the world. The explanation is quite simple: vinyl meets the extremely specific requirements of surface coverings in modern hospital interiors. Vinyl flooring, for instance, is easy to clean and maintain, ensures patient safety and enables the integration of signage for easy navigation—all the while being affordable and environmentally responsible.

Exposed to heavy traffic 24 hours a day, hospital floors can be a daunting design daunting challenge as they. Vinyl has long proven to be up to the task. Vinyl flooring is durable and strong, safe and shock absorbent and comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl is anti-static protecting sensitive hospital equipment from electro static shock and PVC flooring reduces noise and provides good acoustics. The unique hygiene properties of vinyl make it ideal for hospitals to maintain the high levels of sanitisation required. It has sealed impermeable surface, and can be cleaned daily with environmentally sound cleaning agents.

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