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Best Practice PVC Product Register

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Current BEP PVC verification expires 7 March 2025






Following extensive consultation with stakeholders, the Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) has launched its updated ‘Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP) v 2.0’ verification scheme for PVC products with the VCA taking on full responsibility for ongoing development, management, and administration of the updated BEP scheme.

Originally launched in 2010, the BEP scheme remains the most stringent criteria and guidelines for manufacturing PVC with participants required to meet conditions including VCM emissions targets, voluntary restrictions of additive use and stewardship requirements for end of first use of PVC products in Australia. Under the updated BEP scheme, products that are independently verified as being fully compliant with all core and one or more optional scheme guidelines are eligible to be issued with a Best Environmental Practice PVC Licence Mark by the VCA, and included in the online product register to indicate to procurers and specifiers that the BEP PVC manufacturing guidelines have been met.

While the original BEP scheme was only applicable to PVC products used in the building and construction sector, the updated BEP accreditation is available to all complying PVC products across the full spectrum of PVC applications.

Following the launch of the updated scheme, it is important to note that there will be a transition period as current BEP accreditation will continue to be valid until the existing verification expiry. The updated BEP guidelines will become mandatory from 1st September 2023 onwards when companies seek renewal of their BEP accreditation, however the VCA encourages all companies undergoing the auditing process prior to this date to elect to be audited against the updated guidelines.

“The BEP 2.0 product certification scheme continues to reflect ongoing best practice in PVC manufacturing through the core guidelines, while also reflecting societal expectations for increased focus on the environmental and social impacts of products and materials through the addition of optional criteria,” said VCA CEO Jim Coulston.

The VCA has worked closely with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) to ensure that the updated BEP scheme is recognised under the GBCA’s Responsible Products Framework, which seeks to drive the supply chain to deliver transparent, healthy, low-impact products that are part of a circular economy.

To learn more about the guidelines and audit requirements involved in gaining BEP verification, please click here.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023 01:52

VCA AGM 2023: Celebrating 25 years!

The VCA will celebrate 25 years since its inception at this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Awards Dinner, which will take place on Tuesday 28th November at the Novotel Melbourne Preston.

The official AGM proceedings will run from 4:00-5:30pm, and will be followed by the Awards Networking Dinner from 6:00-10:30pm.

To register for the 2023 AGM and Awards Dinner, CLICK HERE


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PVC AUS 2024 Location and Hotel Information

PVC AUS 2024 will take place on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with the conference and delegate accommodation taking place at the Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise.

Delegates will be invited to stay at the Hilton Hotel, 6 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise for the duration of the conference and will be elligible to enjoy special discounted rates on accommodation at the Hilton during the conference. 


Discounted Rates

Hilton Guest Room: $215 pp (inc. breakfast)

Hilton Guest Room Twin Share: $245 pp (inc. breakfast)


To book, please contact Carol Hassan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Monday, 15 May 2023 22:35

PVC AUS 2024 Sponsors and Exhibitors

THANK YOU TO OUR PVC AUS 2024 Sponsors and Exhibitors

To find out more about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at PVC AUS 2024, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PVC AUS 2024 Save the Date
To find out more about the sponsors of PVC AUS 2024, click on the company logos below.
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Welcome Drinks Sponsor
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Australian Vinyls Corporation

PT Asahimas



Think Fencing

Global GreenTag

Welvic Australia



Bureau Veritas

H&R ANZ Pty Ltd

 Repurpose Recycling

Omnigraphics Australia

 Asia Pacific Vinyl Network (APVN)


Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of up to 300 words for consideration for the program for the IOM3's PVC 2024 conference, up until the extended deadline of 31st May 2023. The abstract must provide sufficient information for a fair assessment including the objective of the paper, the methodology used and the conclusions or results of the work. The abstract must be written in English.

Find out more and submit your abstract by clicking here.

The PVC 2024 conference continues to build on its reputation as the leading global conference, delivering a comprehensive, varied and programme of excellent international speakers and exceptional networking opportunities.

Previous delegates describe their experience at the PVC Conference as well organised and enjoyable, providing an excellent opportunity to network, meeting established and new contacts, plus providing a great opportunity to update their knowledge of the latest developments in the industry.

Over 35% of delegates include Senior Management Team Members (including CEOs, Directors, Vice Presidents and senior managers, e.g. function heads and technical specialists), with a further 41% in other management roles.

Dr Jason Leadbitter, CEnv, FIMMM, PVC 2024 Chair – ‘PVC 2024 returns to Edinburgh for the first time as an in-person event in April 2024, some seven years since our last physical meeting. Whilst the vinyl industry continues to be challenged by our European regulators, the PVC industry continues to be a beacon of light and an exemplar in walking the talk from a sustainability perspective. Indeed PVC 2024's theme 'A Roadmap to a Sustainable Future' will demonstrate over this three day event, just how far the global PVC industry has transitioned on its path towards full sustainability'.


The Vinyl Council of Australia successfully held its 4-day Hazards from Fire: Quantification of Fire Behaviour Fire Retardancy and Fire Toxicity course in Melbourne last month, with world-renowned fire expert Prof. Richard Hull leading the intensive course which was attended by industry leaders from across the PVC and manufacturing sectors.

Prof. Hull, Professor of Chemistry and Fire Science from the School of Natural Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, is a leading expert in the behaviour of unwanted fire with over 100 published papers on the assessment and influence of fire retardants on flammability, toxicity of fire smoke and effects of fire retardants on the smoke toxicity.

The carefully designed course covered the fundamentals of fire behaviour and provided a highly-valuable opportunity for those in attendance to further their knowledge regarding the fire behaviour of modern materials. Feedback from attendees found the course to be well-structured and Prof. Hull a particularly engaging presenter.

Over the 4 days, the course covered a wide range of focus areas including an introduction to fires and fire science, polymer decomposition mechanisms and how it’s studied, interpretation of thermal analysis and cone calorimetry data, measurement of flammability and interpretation of results, fire retardants and hazards and lessons from real fires, particularly the rapidity of fire spread and how quickly the primary toxic products in smoke – Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide - can debilitate and kill in a developed fire. Delegates also enjoyed an engaging networking dinner with Prof. Hull after the penultimate day.

The course materials, including a full copy of Professor Hull’s lecture notes and slides across the 4 days, are available for purchase from the VCA. To find out more, please contact the VCA Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) is holding a second final consultation and feedback period for its updated Best Environmental Practice (BEP) 2.0 PVC product verification scheme, following extensive consultation with stakeholders over recent months.

Launched over a decade ago, the BEP scheme remains the most stringent criteria and guidelines for manufacturing PVC with participants required to meet conditions such as emissions targets below regulatory limits, voluntary restrictions on the use of certain additives and stewardship requirements for end of first use of PVC products in Australia.

Under the current BEP scheme, products that are independently verified as being fully compliant with all scheme guidelines are recognised in the GBCA’s product certification scheme for Green Star building rating tools, as well as other public and private procurement policies in Australia.

The VCA also issues a Best Environmental Practice PVC Licence Mark and provides an online register of PVC product manufacturers that are confirmed as meeting the guidelines’ required stringent compliance conditions. BEP accreditation can be achieved by manufacturers not only in Australia but around the world, with PVC products manufactured in Europe, the US and Asia among those having achieved BEP verification.

Updates to the BEP scheme will result in closer alignment of the scheme guidelines with the VCA’s PVC Stewardship Program commitments, which represent an ongoing, voluntary undertaking by companies within the Australian PVC industry to recognise and address relevant environmental, health and safety aspects within the lifecycle of PVC products.

Following an extensive consultation and review period on the scheme with the GBCA and various stakeholders over a period of close to a year, since the prior consultation round in late 2022 each BEP guideline has been reclassified as ‘Core’, ‘Mandatory’, or ‘Optional’. Additional information has also been added regarding the historical development of the scheme, and some minor changes to auditor guidance, wording and evidence requirements has taken place.

The VCA is once again offering any further interested parties a final chance to provide feedback on the detailed compliance criteria and verification requirements proposed for the updated scheme moving forward. The VCA aims to launch the updated BEP 2.0 scheme criteria and guidelines by mid-2023.

If you wish to provide feedback, please contact the VCA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a copy of the proposed changes and other relevant information. All feedback must be received by the close of the final consultation period on Friday 28th April 2023 to be considered.

The Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) and window-sealing experts Pro Clima’s collaborative windows installation workshops, held in both Sydney and Melbourne over the last two weeks, brought together close to 40 industry leaders from the uPVC windows sector across the two sessions.

Led by the Pro Clima team, the workshops firstly identified the current installation practices commonly experienced across the industry through collaborative discussion and workshopping activities with attendees, before examining learnings from window design and installation methods both domestically and internationally as a guide to exploring the importance of higher-performance installation and best-practice methods for uPVC windows in Australia.

The afternoon session included a live installation demonstration lead by the Pro Clima master carpenter who detailed industry best-practice techniques for the installation of uPVC window frames in a timber reveal. The workshops concluded with a robust discussion on key take-aways and learnings for the industry with attendees.

High-performance installation practices and weatherproofing of windows as they are fixed and sealed into building structures is one of the key determinants of the level of insulation, energy efficiency and watertightness in a building over time. The strong level of interest and discussion across both workshops was a testament to the commitment of uPVC window fabricators, installers and suppliers to work towards a recognised standard of windows installation in the industry.

We would like to thank the team at Pro Clima for their time and effort in leading the workshops, as well as hosting and providing catering for the Sydney session. We also thank the team at Windows For Life for hosting the Melbourne session, and Deceuninck Australia for providing catering.

We look forward to bringing the industry together for similar events, and invite any member who is interested in being involved in leading a workshop or session for the betterment of the industry to contact the VCA Office.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2022 01:15

10 key VCA achievements from 2022!

Just before we sign-off for 2022, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the year that has been and just some of the key achievements we reached throughout 2022. We’d like to once again thank our members, stakeholders and everyone involved with the Vinyl Council for their ongoing support and involvement – it wouldn’t be possible without you! Here are 10 of our biggest achievements from 2022:

  1. Successfully held PVC AUS 2022

Following two years of postponement due to the pandemic, one of the clear highlights for 2022 was being able to bring the industry back together for our PVC AUS Shared Horizons conference on the Gold Coast in June. Over 150 delegates attended the two-day conference to hear from expert speakers and debate key industry-relevant topics including finding solutions for PVC circularity in a circular economy, transitioning to lower carbon PVC products, avoiding substances of high concern and taking uPVC window manufacturing to the next level, as well as enjoying a number of social networking activities. Check out a short video recap of the conference here.


  1. Launched the VinylCycle Label for recycled PVC

In early 2022 we launched our new VinylCycle Label in collaboration with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), which aims to verify recycled PVC content claims and encourage uptake of recycled PVC design and product innovation. The VinylCycle Label builds on our PVC Stewardship commitment to encourage the use of recycled PVC in new products, and VinylCycle verification is available to both local and international applicants claiming at least 10% of the PVC compound (by weight) constitutes recycled PVC. If your business might be interested in applying for VinylCycle verification, get in touch with our office!

  1. Oversaw another new record in PVC Stewardship compliance

2022 has once again seen a new record of 26 Signatories in the previous reporting period demonstrate full compliance with their applicable sustainability objectives as part of our voluntary PVC Stewardship Program, with 80% of Signatories overall achieving at least 80% compliance with the respective commitments. The full progress report from the last reporting period can be accessed by clicking here.


  1. Passed 300 participating hospitals in our PVC Recycling in Hospitals scheme

During 2022 our joint PVC Recycling in Hospitals scheme, operated with program partners Baxter Healthcare and Welvic Australia, passed the significant milestone of 300 participating hospitals with over 320 currently signed-up. Despite some ongoing interruptions to collection and transportation logistics, the program recycled 119 tonnes of PVC medical waste in 2021, equivalent to almost 6 million IV fluid bags.

  1. Updated our Best Environmental Practice product verification scheme

Following a lengthy consultation and review period with stakeholders through the second half of 2022, the VCA is in the process of updating its Best Environmental Practice (BEP) product verification scheme with an expected launch of BEP ‘2.0’ in early 2023. Updates to the scheme will include opening it up to complying PVC products across all applications, additional guidelines and a closer alignment to the VCA’s PVC Stewardship commitments to streamline reporting processes.

  1. Continued to promote uPVC windows and Industry Code of Practice accreditation

The VCA has continued to explore and carry out numerous promotional opportunities for the uPVC windows sector through 2022, including the development of promotional brochures, project case studies with members, numerous feature articles and a short video on Industry Code of Practice (ICP) accreditation for uPVC profiles. User and content guidelines for a new uPVC Windows Instagram account have recently been accepted by the Windows Alliance Taskforce, with the account to be launched early next year. To continue to drive ongoing growth and collaboration across the sector we will also be holding some relevant events in early 2023, with planning for two windows installation workshops as well as a short course on window fire retardancy and behaviour well underway and further details to be circulated shortly.


  1. Progressed the TexBack business case and scheme design

Following the completion of the Material Flows Analysis in the ongoing TexBack project during late 2021, testing of the project’s technology at the PVC Separation pilot plant continued into 2022 along with the development of the business case and stewardship scheme design. The final draft documents for the business case and scheme design have now been received, and the VCA has provided feedback to help inform the final report and implementation road map going forward. Two PVC Separation pilot plants are currently being prepared for imminent shipping to Europe and South Australia, with potential investors waiting to see proof of concept.


  1. Farewelled long time CEO Sophi and welcomed new CEO Jim to the fold

During our PVC AUS conference dinner this year we farewelled and thanked long-time VCA CEO Sophi MacMillan, who left us to take up a new role as Project Manager at the Australian Resilient Flooring Association after an incredible 24 years with the VCA! Shortly after, we welcomed Jim Coulston as our new CEO, who joined us following an extensive career in the plastics industry through both commercial and technical roles across a range of sectors. While Sophi has no doubt left big shoes to fill, Jim has quickly brought his own expertise and passion to the role as he leads the VCA into a new chapter in its history.

  1. Kept members and stakeholders informed of industry updates and developments

As well as our various in-person and virtual events and webinars throughout the year, as usual we ensured to keep members and industry stakeholders up to date on news, developments and information relevant to the industry. In addition to our monthly online Retro news round-ups, members were kept informed via regular email bulletins on relevant topics including recycling, chemicals of concern, news from the building and construction sector, legislative updates, funding and grant opportunities and more.

  1. Continued building the Council’s social media presence

This year we gained over 250 new followers on our LinkedIn account from industry participants and stakeholders across the sector, which provides a far-reaching platform to continue promoting industry products, information and achievements to our followers and the broader public. If you’re not already, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn at Vinyl Council of Australia.

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