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PVC Recyclers

A) Looking to recycle end-of-use PVC?
Step 1. Contact the product supplier/manufacturer to see if they take back their own product for recycling. 

Step 2. Contact the companies listed below. You can also visit for recyclers of other plastics or material types.

Step 3. Need further information on whether an end-of-use PVC prodcut is recyclable in Australia? Contact us at the Vinyl Council.

Note: Recycling will succeed when end-of-use material is recovered in a suitable form for reuse in another product. Recyclers want clean, regular and reasonable volumes (>500kg) of consistent material. They do not want spasmodic, irregular and small quantities of PVC contaminated by dirt, metals or other recyclables such as paper, or other plastics.

B) Looking for recycled PVC to use in new products?
Below are the contact details for companies who seek ongoing sources of end-of-use PVC for manufacturing into new products. If your company would like to be added to this list, contact us now.

ComapnyStateTelephoneMaterial Accepted
Iplex / Tradelink NSW  07 3881 9578  Pipe. Iplex Recycling Centre, Chipping Norton, 8-2pm. Or contact your local Tradelink store re drop off. 
RBM Plastics NSW  02 9748 2638  Cable, conduit, possibly packaging and blister pack. Can granulate, compound, reprocess into own product. 
MPE Plastics Extrusions  NSW  02 9601 8414  Flexible profile, clean cable, rigid pipe. Can granulate and pelletise. 
Techplas NSW  02 9636 6755  Pipe, windows, conduit and other rigid profile, industrial scrap only. Granulator. 
Pipemakers Australia  QLD, VIC, WA  07 3344 3377  Rigid PVC products made by Pipemakers only. Granulator, compounder, fabricator. 
Armstrong Flooring P/L  VIC  03 9586 5548  Clear (no colour) post-consumer & post- industrial PVC. Flooring manufacturer. 
CryoGrind Australia  VIC  03 9794 6608  Medical IV bags, packaging bottles and blister packs, cable, ground material such as profiles. Will consider other products. Granulator and compounder. 
Emmans  VIC  03 9462 1644  Pipe, cable, gift cards. Granulator and machine maker. 
NWC Recycling  VIC   0438 565 640  Pipe, windows and profiles, cards. Granulator. 
PVC Separation VIC 03 5339 2096 Laminated Polymer. Recycler.
Recycling Dincel VIC 02 9670 1633 Pipe, windows, conduit and other rigid profile. Granulator.
Rojo Pacific  VIC   03 9872 1000  Advertising banners, tarpaulins. Printer, importer. 
Welvic Australia VIC 03 9361 8700 Medical IV bags, packaging, cable, profiles. Will consider other products. Granulator, compounder.
Rainbow Plastics WA 0477 327 118 HDPE & PVC plastic pipe. Granulator.


Would your company like to advertise its PVC recycling capability? Contact us at the Vinyl Council.