Transparency & Engagement


Monitoring and sharing with relevant stakeholders the latest scientific development on potential health and environmental impacts of PVC product life cycle.

Public reporting: VCA is committed to prepare an annual progress report highlighting the achievements and compliance of members against all commitments, as well as actions undertaken by VCA during the year and future commitments. Progress reports are verified by an independent third party. An in depth review of the Program is also undertaken by the VCA every five years.

Read the latest annual progress report and five year review.

Research monitoring: VCA is committed to assist its member in monitoring national and international developments in scientific research relevant to the potential health and environmental impacts of the PVC product life cycle and to share information with other Signatories and responsible Authorities and Agencies.

Stakeholder engagement: a Technical Steering Group (TSG), comprised of representatives from the industry, government and other stakeholder groups, oversees the development of the Program and the compliance of Signatories. The TSG has met four times a year since its inception in 2002.