Publications & Reference Papers

> Current regulatory status of phthalate plasticisers

Summary of current regulatory status of plasticisers including phthalates as at October 2015

> 10 key reasons to choose PVC in healthcare applications

PVCMed Alliance publication on the benefits of using PVC

> Dioxins and PVC - A troubled past, a brighter future

VinylPlus publication on the effective management of dioxins in PVC manufacture and incineration

> PVC waste incineration and HCl

VinylPlus publication on PVC incineration and management of by products

2014 FACT SHEET - THe hazards of Chemical Screening

Finding a clearer path to assess chemicals and materials in products for a sustainable built environment

2014 FACT SHEET: A burning question  - Dioxins

Is PVC the major source of dioxin emissions?

> 2012 'PVC and Green Star - Using Best Practice PVC In Green Star Projects

The Vinyl Council Q&A flyer outlining the revised PVC Credit in the Green Star building rating tool

> 2009 'PVC Delivering Solutions'

Flyer representing PVC's environmental performance and technical properties

> 2008 BIS Shrapnel, 'Cost of Building a ‘Typical’ Home: The impact of using PVC and alternative construction materials in house construction'

The Vinyl Council commissions BIS Shrapnel's report

> 2006 'Recycling PVC'

The Vinyl Council recycling program flyer

> 2006 'PVC in Building & Construction'

Booklet outlining the uses for PVC in building & construction

> 'Ten Facts to Know About PVC'

Facts about PVC's credentials

> 2001 CSIRO 'A discussion of some of the scientific issues concerning the use of PVC'

A report addressing the environmental aspects of the use of PVC in building products.