Education Seminars

In-house Vinyl Education Seminars

The Vinyl Council is committed to advancing the sustainability of the Australian vinyl / PVC industry through sharing information and engaging with stakeholders regarding the life cycle of PVC.
Part of our commitment is delivering in-house PVC education seminars or round-tables for product designers, manufacturers, sales teams, architects, specifiers and government organisations. 
In particular, we are often asked to explain why there has been a debate about vinyl use and what the industry has done to improve the life cycle of PVC. 
Such forums provide us with valuable feedback on industry and product performance, where further change is demanded and improve our understanding of market needs for solutions. 
  • The Vinyl Life Cycle 
  • Designing with PVC 
  • PVC product stewardship in Australia 
  • PVC products and Green Star 
  • Issues and Answers
So whether you are manufacturing, selling, using or setting policies around PVC, if you are interested in an in-house vinyl education seminar at your organisation, please contact us with your details and the specific information or questions you'd like addressed.